Vietnam’s economy is on the path of integration with the international economy, industry- agriculture and services are growing strongly, demand for materials processing, advanced decoration is increasing. Grasp the vast demand for anticorrosion materials, anti-static, Phat Loc have search technology and produced PVC and PP plastic sheet. These goods have wide applied in the chemical industry, food, manufacturing components, electronics, clean room systems … which are mainly imported.

Sản xuất và cung cấp tấm nhựa PVC,PP,PE

PVC and PP plastic plate are produced on modern technological lines, according to the Japanese standard with outstanding features, achieving international class. Our products with a variety of species to meet the requirements of customers across the country. Phat Loc’s PVC and PP flat  have dominated the trust of all customers, from local customers to the foreign partner, the demanding customers such as Korea, Japan …

With the motto gives customers the highest satisfaction, we hope to cooperate with all our customers. Your satisfaction is the measure of success for our products.
Phat Loc Materials Company is one of the leading companies in the field of manufacturing and supplying industrial plastic materials, insulation materials such as Eurolines resistant chemical-axite roofing, lightweight roofing sheet, PVC sheet PP / PE for heat resistance, fire retardant, decorative film, insulation material ... for industrial customers and civil customers.
With the desire to improve the quality of service, our company is looking forward to receive the cooperation help of customers!
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