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Unbaked brick factory

When exploring the production line of non-baked bricks, investors should carefully study the pallet: size, thickness, types ... Receive more infomation, contact now!

Unbaked brick factory

Unbaked brick production is the new direction of Vietnam's construction materials industry. Unleaded brick units are being promoted by various mechanisms. This is a long-term, right direction of the Government and the Government of Vietnam. Responding to government decisions and policies, unbaked brick factories have grown in size and in quantity to meet the growing demand for brick.
Deciding to produce unburnt bricks, investors first interested in the brick production line. A complete non-baked brick production line includes a silo mixing system for raw materials, a supply system, a main line for brick making, a tram system, a brick moving system.

Phat Loc has met many units planning to build a factory producing non-baked brick, when introducing pallets, most customers do not know what the brick pallet is. They understand the brick pallet we provide is the pallet used to transport the finished brick to the building. So they all answered that there was no need, waiting for a stable production line to follow.

Phat Loc pallet PVC
Phat Loc pallet is an indispensable part of the operation of the non-baked brick machine. The pallet is a support tray, the material is pressed into the mold, the vibrator pressed, forming the brick in the mold, then pressed the bricks on the pallet, the pallet to support 25-56 bricks were conveyed outside, then work Push the forklift, lift the pallet with the brick to the drying yard. If there is no pallet to support the bricks, the unbaked brick line can not work, producing the bricks.

When exploring the production line of unbaked bricks, investors should carefully study the pallets: size, thickness, types of pallets to contribute to the preparation for start up production activities.

Phat Loc pallet is made from PVC with high grade additives. The product has high mechanical strength, impact resistance, abrasion resistance, high vibration force of the machine. Phat Loc Pallet has a life expectancy of three times that of bamboo pallets to save on maintenance costs, replacing, speeding up production and productivity.
Phat Loc's lighter pallet is much lighter than steel pallet, which improves productivity, reduces machine wear, and saves labor costs. The product is the optimal choice for the factory manufacturing non-baked bricks.

"Using Phat Loc pallets, we have improved production efficiency by up to 10%, saving material costs, labor." This is the evaluation of his management of Khang Minh brick factory.

With the desire: Success, prosperity of the unburned brick factory is our success, Phat Loc Thermal Materials Co., Ltd. Provides consultancy on production of unbaked brick for optimal productivity and efficiency.

For customers who need to be consulted and transferred technology, please contact Phat Loc Thermal Materials Co., Ltd.
PVC plastic pallet (2 Product)

PVC pallet for static molding machine

Pallet PVC can withstand shock, vibration pressure of the large, high mechanical strength, abrasion resistance saves replacement costs, maintenance, speeding up and improving productivity.