PP, PE sheet used as industrial cutting board

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Phat Loc specializes in manufacturing and supplying plastic sheets PP, PE special plastic cutting boards used for industrial and manufacturing applications.

Phat Loc - Producer - Top engineering plastic materials in Vietnam

Phat Loc is the production and supply of PP sheet, PE special plastic cutting boards used for industrial and manufacturing applications. Plastic panels are manufactured according to standard specifications 1220 * 2440mm, thickness common for industrial cutting board: 10mm, 15mm, 20mm ... 100mm or any thickness as required by customers.

1. Plastic boards made from plastic PE
- Plastic Corrugated PE thickness from 10mm - 100mm plastic resin plate therefore has more choices than PP plastic sheet. Phat Loc Company, we also placed plastic sheeting under the desired size of the customer to match the needs of use or under way is 1220 * 2440mm standard. Plastic cutting boards made from PE plastic sheets used extensively in the food processing industry, garment, molding thick heels ... or used as furniture.
- Pros: PE boards have soft, supple, elastic, can screw during use or impact force hardly broken, cracked.
- Cons: High price
2. Industrial boards made from PP plastic sheet
- PP plates with thickness from 15mm - 50mm to cutting board made of polypropylene cutting board used to cut inventory, stamping all kinds of footwear, apparel, industrial. Phat Loc PP plastic sheet production size is 1220 * 2440mm common, but can be made at the request of the customer, but can cut to size requirements of individual customers use. Type plastic cutting boards made from PP plastic sheeting commonly used in mechanical, manufacturing ....
- Pros: The price of PP sheet consistent with the user's consumption Vietnam so the cost is relatively low.
- Cons: If you use excessive force to break easily cracked cutting board during use.
=> General Features: plastic PP, PE plastic cutting board is made after a period of cutting boards are used if a black or sunken surface cells can be re-used many times, depending on the thickness of the cutting board.

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