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PVC plastic pallet

Unfired brick production is prioritized new direction flourished Vietnam market, so that the number of manufacturing plants adobe bricks and also growing rapidly increasing. For synchronous operation lines, stable and efficient support brick pallet occupies an indispensable role, pallet may be made of different materials but is still superior to the PVC plastic pallets . 

Pallet nhựa PVC Phát Lộc

Pallet specifications of PVC: 

Target Parameters 
Thickness 2-5 mm 
Tensile strength 29.4 Mpa 
45.6 MPa of flexural strength 
Density 1.86 g / cm3 

Size plastic pallet for brick production line: 

QT4-15B: 990 x 850 x 20/50 mm 
QT6-15B: 990 x 880 x 20/50 mm 
QT8-15B: 990 x 880 x 20/50 mm 
QT10-15B: 1250 x 880 x 25/50 mm 
QTY12-15: 1400 x 860 x 30-50 mm 

Advantages of PVC plastic pallets: 

- Mechanical strength of pvc pallet is highly cost-effective replacement or repair. 
- No warping: Produced by modern technological lines extruded pallets of finished products should have high uniformity, does not warp during use. 
- Pallet PVC corrosion in the work environment with cement, acid, alkali ... and completely waterproof. 
- Environmentally friendly: The product is not toxic, health protection. 

Use PVC Phat Loc pallet, businesses adobe brick production cost savings of raw materials, reduce costs and increase competitiveness

PVC plastic pallet (6 Product)

PVC pallet for static molding machine

Pallet PVC can withstand shock, vibration pressure of the large, high mechanical strength, abrasion resistance saves replacement costs, maintenance, speeding up and improving productivity.


Features of plastic pallets

Currently PVC Phat Loc Pallet units being produced adobe bricks Popular with Vietnamese special advantages that other materials can not be replaced.


Pallets and pallet PVC Comparison iron

Heavy steel pallets pallet 2x PVC, large steel weighing labor costs doubled, speed increased mechanical wear, power consumption nearly 2 times more pallets.


Compare Pallet Pallet PVC with bamboo, wood

Pallet PVC durable, more than 3 times higher durability of bamboo wood pallet. Products not warping, waterproof saves maintenance costs, replacement, limited production interruptions.


Pallet PVC Phat Loc

Pallet PVC Phat Loc