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Phat Loc - Producer - Top engineering plastic materials in Vietnam

PVC plastic widely used in all industrial sectors, by the advantages and possible applications Vietnam diversity: Plates made of PVC PVC is resistant to chemical corrosion, waterproof, anti-dust , anti-UV, anti-static vakhong ignite. Durable materials, greater impact resistance, not aging, durable in all weather and harsh environments. Especially no toxins, protects health.

Therefore PVC is used more and more widely applied to not only replace the stainless steel with anti-corrosive properties of chemicals, so making desk PVC sheet manipulation, environmental remediation, wastewater , laboratory equipment, or other electronic devices ... but other materials difficult to replace.


Phat Loc is the manufacture and distribution of the country's largest plastic sheet, so can fully meet customers' requirements in terms of size, thickness and colors.

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