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The adobe brick construction type, aggregate concrete brick is characterized by reliable, inexpensive, easy to use, environmentally friendly should be rated very high in comparison with traditional terracotta tiles. Therefore investment unburned brick molding lines are creating new directions in construction, however businesses, privately wondered how to ensure the quality of the baked bricks substandard and used machinery how is an important part indispensable.


For presses traditional vibration technology is the technology of developed countries such as Germany, Japan, Korea and more. used with a long history.
This machine can mold manufacturing outsourcing tile very simple but very high production efficiency
Maintenance and repair: simple machine structure, easy maintenance and replacement. Maintenance costs, low maintenance

Stability: very uneven brick oven, quality assurance, production of outputs.

However the downside of this machine is vibrating presses should be loud noises, so when put into operation often need to take measures to reduce noise in the production process to not affect everyone.

Besides chain presses, one more thing to concern investors is the support pallet of bricks. Most popular 2 types of plastic pallets and pallets can be laminated bamboo, wood.
Bamboo pallet, timber is not waterproof, waterproof up very quickly broken, scratched surface, rotting, deformation. So bamboo pallet timber with a very low life expectancy, costly repairs, replacement new pallet.
Pallet profile with bamboo, wood, the plastic pallet has advantages such as lighter weight there, designed to be easy to clean, resistant to smell good, durable and safe for better goods. Thus reducing costs for customers can use Pallet repeatedly and over more time

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