Compare Pallet Pallet PVC with bamboo, wood

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Pallet PVC durable, more than 3 times higher durability of bamboo wood pallet. Products not warping, waterproof saves maintenance costs, replacement, limited production interruptions.

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Plastic pallets are not strangers to the consumers as well as the factories, they are used very commonly to inventory cargo, cargo transportation by forklift in factories, factories or warehouses, ... Features especially as support for pallets in factory brick adobe products easier labor help in moving goods from place to place. 

Tấm pallet pvc nhựa đặc ưu điểm vượt trội

Pallet PVC Phat Loc

Compared with the wooden pallet plastic pallet has advantages such as lighter weight There, designed to be easy to clean, resistant to smell good, durable and safe for better goods. Thus make fast shipping and more favorable. Reduce costs for customers can use Pallet repeatedly and over more time. 

Bamboo pallet, timber is not waterproof, waterproof up very quickly broken, scratched surface, rotting, deformation. So bamboo pallet timber with a very low life expectancy, costly repairs, replacement new pallet.Adobe bricks on pallets producing lower quality bamboo, cement raw material costs and reduced competitiveness. Calculate the cost using bamboo pallet plastic pallet higher to 35%. 

Pallet tre gỗ bị mục nát sau thời gian ngắn sử dụng

High quality plastic pallets completely demolished all the harm done, it also avoid termites and damp saves up costing you. 

Phat Loc Pallet PVC material is durable, long life 3 times higher than bamboo wood pallet. Products not warping, waterproof saves maintenance costs, replacement, limited production interruptions. Phat Loc pallet smooth surface, uniform thickness bricks help achieve higher quality, high homogeneity. Use pallet Phat Loc, adobe brick factory also save the cost of materials, reduce costs and increase competitiveness.

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