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    Glass wool is a material glasswool insulation effective thermal properties with no fire, no heat transfer, preventing the spread of fires, large elasticity. Certified standards through experiments on sound insulation, thermal insulation, fire prevention. Vitreous materials with plain or coated with aluminum foil, glass fabric, PVC or other material depending on the item. 

    Bông thủy tinh

    • Product Specifications: 
      Density: kg / m3 
      Insulation coefficient R: 1:17, 1:24, 1:33, 1:45 m2K / W 
      Coefficient of thermal conductivity K: 0.0425, 0.0404, 0.0375, 0.0346 W / hook 
      Thickness: 25.30.50 mm 
      Length: 30000 m 
      Width: 1200 mm 
      Fire protection: A (GradeA) 
      Moisture resistant: 98.5% 
      Temperature range for use: 240oC - 350oC 

      - The ability to sound insulation, high temperature 
      - Withstands high temperature 
      - The desiccant 5% 
      - Odourless 
      - Resistance mildew and bacteria 
      - Alkaline small 
      - Corrosion negligible over time 
      - Vitreous materials commonly used in refrigeration systems insulation, sound insulation, insulation for walls and roofs of buildings.