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Materials Asbestos

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    A) Cover Asbestos.
    - Cardboard insulation, insulation made of Amiang: which is useful as seals in the heat-resistant pipe, in the details of machinery.
    - The product is widely used in the industry, there are many different thickness: 0.5 mm to 10 mm size: 1,27m x 1,27m
    - Its working temperature can reach 250 ° C.

     I) Technical specifications:
     1 - Pressure: 4-5MPa
     2 - Thickness: 0.5mm-10mm
     3 - Size: 1270 x 1270 x (0.5 to 10) mm
    II) Use:
     - Used for the equipment in steam, water,
     - Use of the adjacent joints of the heat pipe
     - Working pressure: 0.8 Mpa, Max working temperature: 450 ° C.
    B) Fabrics asbestos.
    + There are two types, wet and F105 FD105 kind of dry type,
    + 1.5mm or 3mm Thickness,
    + Width: 1meter
    + Closed roll, it can be reinforced using steel wires.
    + Weight depending on the thickness (1.5 mm = 25kg / bag), (3mm = 50kg / bag).
    C) Asbestos Wire.
    - There are the properties of fire resistant insulation, keeping heat insulation and alkali-resistant insulation, gaskets with modern machinery, electrical machinery, steamship boiler, electrical engineering and industry industry.
    Colour: White
    Temperature: 250 ~ 550 ° C
    - It can be divided into five categories: regular, Class A, AA, AAA, and AAAA grade,
    - The number of different product classes under different temperatures and different elongation.
    - Cords asbestos can be reinforced with glass fiber, copper fiber or steel fiber demand.