Airbag insulation panels

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Insulation panels help airbag Phat Loc insulation, sound insulation effect, gives professional space, save power consumption, environmental friendly.

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Phat Loc airbag insulation

Airbag insulation panels produced by Phat Loc is formed by a surface layer of air bags with aluminum or aluminum plating: 

- Surface insulation reflex effects of radiation, preventing heat through. 

  • - Class includes the airbag airbag honeycomb radiator and effective sound insulation for the product. 
    Besides effective insulation - sound insulation, insulation Phat Loc also provides space for professional installations, saving power consumption, environmental friendly. 

    Specifications insulation:

  • Features: 

    - High thermal insulation capability, reducing roof temperatures, heat-resistant, anti-noise by 90% 
    - Material thin, light and clean, bright surface helps heat reflection. 
    - Anti ignition, anti-fire spread. 
    - Non-toxic to the environment and humans; prevent the existence of mold, bacteria, condensation, protect and increase the life of the roof. 
    - Installation of a convenient, fast and require no maintenance, high durability. 
    - Cost savings in lighting power supply and air conditioning. 
    - Non-toxic and environmentally friendly. 
    - Safe for health, life, and production activities. 
    - Thermal Phat Loc airbags are widely used in industrial plants, factories, warehouses, civil works ... 

  • Phat Loc Materials Company is one of the leading companies in the field of manufacturing and supplying industrial plastic materials, insulation materials such as Eurolines resistant chemical-axite roofing, lightweight roofing sheet, PVC sheet PP / PE for heat resistance, fire retardant, decorative film, insulation material ... for industrial customers and civil customers.
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