What is PP Phat Loc plastic sheet for?


Phat Loc is a technical plastic made of PP resin with safety additives, chemical resistant, abrasion resistant and temperature resistant to 100 ° C. 
Phat Loc Company has made a big step in the production of PP sheet in Vietnam. With the constant improvement of quality and service, Phat Loc has become the leading manufacturer and supplier of plastic sheets in Vietnam and the region.

tấm nhựa pp phát lộc

What is the PP plastic sheet for? 
- PP sheet for air extraction: In many environments, the working temperature is relatively large, the section of straw is not too large, the selection of PP for processing. Exhaust air systems in chemical plants currently use PP panels. 
- PP sheet for chemical tanks , plating: PP tank tanks are resistant to chemicals with high concentration. PP tanks are commonly used in chromium plating, copper solution purification. The advantage of PP is that it has better expansion and resistance to PVC, but PVC has better oxidation resistance. 
- PP boards as industrial boards , food stamping molds, pharmaceuticals in chemical plants usually use PP sheets. 
- Products are also manufactured by medical equipment manufacturers, laboratory equipment, food production ... selected by safe, non-toxic materials. 
- PP plastic sheet with flat surface, abrasion resistant, high anti-static ability is high tech factories used a lot of table, shelf, floor ...


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Price of 3mm PVC sheet

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