What are the advantages of using plastic pallets in brick production?


Currently, unburnt bricks are being encouraged by the government and customers are gradually moving to use this brick more. Therefore, the plants are not firing bricks. Beside the line of bricks presses, Pallets are indispensable components to make complete structure.

If the former used bamboo pallets, quality wood, low brick yield, low aesthetics, now the production units have used synthetic pallets PVC instead of panels. late.

Advantages of PVC Pallet made by Phat Loc has a life expectancy of more than three times that of bamboo pallets.No warping, no water in use, help save maintenance costs, replace, limit production interruption. Phat Loc pallet with smooth surface, uniform thickness to help the brick quality and uniformity higher. Using Phat Loc pallets, unbaked brick factory also saves raw material costs, thus reducing costs and increasing competitiveness.

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- High quality product, warranty 1 change 1 
- Price is cheaper than the market, can meet the huge quantity because of Phat Loc is a manufacturer in Vietnam. 
- Goods have enough labels, papers 
- Wrap the goods carefully so they do not get scratched 
- Support shipped with bulk orders

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