Weather challenges with smart roofing


Solution heat-resistant and environmentally friendly products from plastic tile, plastic and UPVC transclusent roofing will be the choice that you can not ignore, in accordance with urban architectural space out long. Is the plastic tile, UPVC transclusent roofing challenge for all the harsh climatic conditions.

With advanced technology 3 layers UV weatherability, chemical corrosion resistance, texture material light weight foam against heat, noise, heat insulation. Ensure high ductility, achieving durability, hardness and aesthetic fit all architectures. Material safety and environmental friendliness.

Corrugated plastic tile and plastic Phat Loc likely superior weatherability, do not fade and crack even in extreme conditions with strong ultraviolet radiation, temperature changes, large and frequent rain.

Because resistance to chemical corrosion amazing, the chemical reaction can not occur even if the roofing is embedded in the corrosive solution continuously for 24 hours. Phat Loc product should not be rusty high leak resistant. This will definitely be the perfect choice for coastal areas and areas where there are frequent acid rain.

Also the Phat Loc has high load bearing capacity due to high stability. The phenomenon of thermal expansion does not occur even when they are used in extreme temperature environments. Although at high temperatures, the products of Phat Loc nor damaged or cracked.

Superior leak resistance is also one of the advantages can not help but mention the plastic sheet Phat Loc, the design is quite special with synchronous installation accessories, smart will make sure all screws fixed to not be rusty.

Moreover, Phat Loc plastic roofing sheets made from high-grade UPVC does not catch fire, ensure safe use.

Environmental pollution problem is becoming more urgent therefore all products are not contains asbestos Phat Loc and other radioactive elements, can be recycled very easily.

Phat Loc is a pioneer in the research, development and manufacture of product lines plastic tile, plastic and transclusent roofing with superior features to overcome the disadvantages of traditional product lines.


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