Vietnamese people are familiar with the old plastic bottles: Do not be afraid ... cancer


Plastic bottle with 1 line, or plastic bottles of drinking water and soft drinks should not be reused because of the chemical.
 Consumers confused

Date 18/10, US scientists have confirmed in a new report released, these chemicals cause endocrine disorders (EDC) to intervene in the body's hormone system, affecting the development and causes the body "open the door" for dangerous diseases such as cancer, diabetes, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and autism.

Worrying is that the chemicals can be found in thousands of products used daily, from pantry items made of metal and plastic to detergents, fire extinguishing agent, toys and cosmetics .

Prior information and exchange with Vietnamese land, on 19/10, Dr. Nguyen Duy Thinh - Institute of Biotechnology and Food Technology (Polytechnic University of Hanoi) said: "there are plastic bottles variety, many different compounds to make, such as plastic bottles PE, PVC, activated ... so it generates hundreds of thousands of different products.

Currently there are 25 plastic used for packaging, so it should not be said in general, there should be a specific analysis figures. Since there are bottles used to contain fish sauce, wine, water, soft drinks, milk containers, cosmetic packaging ...

Very strange, is that these types of bottles are toxic substances, and the other is non-toxic container, because the risk of exposure depends substance from the bottle, the plastic is not completely toxic.

Even with the plastic bottle, if used alone, is not safe, but the technology made a very effective solution. It is covered in a layer of plastic inside the other, not exposed to the food, especially the current milk bottles. All are made of PVC, but they were covered inside a very good PE class. Therefore, also need to know, is the use of plastic bottles does lead to serious disease. "

Besides, according to Mr Thinh, the United States often have very specific studies. As already announced they would ban the circulation that product line.

Vietnam should not do this if you keep putting banned without warning, handle, then consumers will be extremely confused. So, should put into concrete, bottles of any name is, what products, then new to the survey considered.

On the other hand, according to the expert on, here he was very interested in the packaging problem, but in fact no laboratory studies on the toxicity of packaging.

The evaluation of these substances is not easy, there must be a large laboratory, research must be carefully studied, because the packaging will affect the economy - society.

Rules too cruel

Also take a position on this issue, Prof. Pham Gia Khai - Chairman of cardiovascular VN said: "I feel really worried, but because we do not have the specific research should not be doing balance add comment bewildered.

Now cancer, diabetes abound that cancer is largely due to unsafe food, dirty water, ambient air contamination.

Use of Chinese porcelain also unsafe, a lot of lead, no less dangerous. I have long known this information, but no comments, because no solution whatsoever. I and some other scientists are continuing to carry out research. "

According to Revelation, the part of the current authorities is difficult to receive, because no research itself provide a solution, it is difficult to reflect.

"We are facing a" total service "but not against it, I panic and anxiety.

In fact, the containers in the cup, jar or plastic bottle to last one night, but also extremely toxic. Nothing good in clay pot, cast iron pot. Toxic but know that we have to accept unsafe to live in, because no solution what to see, the rule of life is very cruel, "Mr Khai stressed.

However, chairman of cardiovascular VN still people right message: "All plastic containers should not be used again, using one time then he left, because the next time the user to more poison, habits VN details save or reuse.

Currently, I have replaced the family, as well as pitchers glass, drinking vessels, bowls to eat, or to switch to ceramic materials. Gradually, people are turning to primitive, primal, to no contamination, no longer suffer from dangerous diseases. "


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