Advantages of plastic corrugated UPVC light compared to other types


At present, economic development, the requirements of consumers are increasing and richer, to meet the diverse needs of customers, roofing products, light panels also become more diversified on Size, color not only for a white light but also able to provide a variety of different light such as turbid white, blue, green ... Transparent light plastic is often used in roofing. Work, pouch, partition or greenhouse.

Corrugated board 11 waves


For the product is the UPVC lightening plate produced by Phat Loc Company by PVC material with hardening additives, increase ductility, impact resistance, durability, abrasion resistance, help to get Bright up to 85% efficiency.

Application of UPVC lightening panels

- Taking bricks for the manufacturers of brick, ceramic ...

- Roof shade for the workshop: save energy in the daytime.

- Get bright for housing: the area of ​​the skylight, the roof, the ceiling, the playground ...

All products made by Phat Loc always put the word "mind" on top, designed and manufactured on the first line, quality guaranteed, not harmful, safe for users and environment.

Phat Loc is a company specializing in producing, supplying and distributing UPVC plastic sheeting throughout the country, with many years of experience. The markets in big cities like Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, ... have many construction projects using roofing sheets of bright light of Phat Loc and are satisfied about the quality and service of Found fortune.

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Price of 3mm PVC sheet

Quotation of 3mm PVC sheet made by Phat Loc, diversified in color and size. Contact 0902 97 9998 for best market price.