Update price of the latest PVC plastic sheet


At present suppliers or distribution units of PVC sheets grow mushroom like in the market. However, not any PVC plastic models, the same size, not to mention the origin as well as the quality leading to the price of the product is also obvious difference.

In order to have a more objective view on products, Phat Loc is the unit that directly produces and distributes national and international market, our products always put "mind", "credit" on top. Phat Loc is manufactured from PVC resins with high-grade additives imported from well-known manufacturers in the world such as USA, Japan, Germany, Italy ... on the most modern technology line. High volume and competitive price.

Phuc Loc PVC Advantages:

- Light weight, waterproof

- High durability, hard to withstand high impact

- Water resistant, low thermal conductivity, good insulation

- Easily nailing, drilling, sawing, screwing or glueing, can be cut, cut under the effect of heat.

- Ability to resist chemical erosion, good chemical resistance

- Fire.

See more:   Eurolines Phat Loc Roofing is a diversified waveform and color scheme.

For more information and get the best price of Phat Loc technical sheet, please contact:

Phat Loc Co., Ltd

Hotline: 0902 979998/0904 964877

Address: 126 Yen Lang, Dong Da, Hanoi


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PVC sheet is widely used in the market today, in the fields of furniture, advertising and industry. PVC resins are available in a variety of colors.

Price of 3mm PVC sheet

Quotation of 3mm PVC sheet made by Phat Loc, diversified in color and size. Contact 0902 97 9998 for best market price.