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To meet the demand for soundproofing roofs , insulation, sunshade cover and lighted roofing to make use of natural light source, energy saving, we Phat Loc Company - specialized unit producing and supplying Provide insulation roofing, lightweight roofing sheets, roofing Eurolines chemical resistant roofing   Quality assurance, professionalism and efficiency.

Thi công tấm lợp

Below is an illustration of the roofing steps for intelligent bricks:

Step 1: Fix the underside of the H with the iron bracket with a screw

Step 2: Use a rubber sealing screw to attach the polycarbonate roofing sheet to the purlins of the roof.

Step 3: Use a rubber sealing screw to fix the polycarbonate lightening plate.

Thi công tấm lợp lấy sáng

Step 4: Use a fixed screw on the underside of the H-bracket to bond the two polycarbonate roofing panels to the iron frame.

Step 5: Fix it with a brace and a hinge. Step 6: A brace with a H-bar, centered with a U-bar.

Step 7: Finish

Salient features:

- Polycarbonate roofing sheet is very good bearing capacity, the hammer is not broken, the bullet is not punctured ....

Long life, 20-30 years, durable with time and weather, excellent heat resistance (varies from -40 0 C to +135 0 C)

- Product is always in, not color, yellow.

- Good heat and sound insulation, reduce the impact of noise and fire resistance.

- Weight of lightweight plastic sheeting, weighing only 1/15 of the weight of glass glass of the same thickness.

- Roofing with light roof of Phat Loc easy to use, easy to install, construction, easy to bend shape, not broken.

  Application: can use light roofing in most civil, industrial and public works.

To get advice on choosing roofing and roofing for the best works, please contact directly to Phat Loc !


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