The unique 'ecological garden' in Hanoi makes people love romance


On the third floor terrace of the house in Dong Da district, the architect designed a 18 m2 garden made of recycled steel frame with UPVC plastic sheeting .

The white color of the steel frame, round pebbles on the floor diffuses the light in many directions, the UPVCroofing material in the translucent roof helps reduce solar radiation.

The main structure of the garden is made up of many steel box frames. Each small box is a growing area, sheltering a few trees. The stacked blocks form a larger frame, suitable for human height.

Trees are scattered, tangerine around steel frames, receive sunlight through plastic roofs or from surrounding gaps.

The garden offers an exciting exploration where the landlord can walk through the terrain, climb up the branches of the steel frame, and find peace in himself in a suspended hammock.

Designers select plants that purify air, detoxify, less care as ferns, magnolia, orchids, betel ...

Source: Collector


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