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Unbaked brick is the indispensable direction of building materials in the market of construction materials in Vietnam.Considering this huge demand, many investors have researched, selected the machine technology and built an unburnt brick factory. The most important factor is the production line is suitable with the ground, output, performance ... followed by the follower elements. Plastic pallet   Tray is a byproduct but indispensable in the line of non-baked bricks.

At present, the market appears strong promotion of composite pallets: pallet is more durable, more durable than PVC pallets.

We have recorded composite pallet images at some used plants. Customers buy composite pallet machines from China, used less than 1 year, the plate starts to lose angle, rupture edge. In addition to one year can not be used anymore replaced with other materials. Phat Loc Company has received the request of many units ordering PVC pallets to replace composite pallets.

Composite pallets are made from base and fiber composites - which are the product of waste disposal. The product is tough, high strength. However, the substrate makes the surface more susceptible to breaking down to extinguish the surface. When the surface is crushed at several small points, the stain will quickly spread across the surface, the edge of the pallet. Surface substrate is lost, prevents the fibers inside, they absorb and break out. Make the plate lose its inherent unity and fracture. This material can not be recycled, will become toxic waste to the environment and the people living in it. This is characteristic of composite. This explains the experiments using a hammer, the car runs through the composite pallet does not break. Being impacted, the pallet is only cracked, not broken because of internal fiber structure. However, the broken surface soaked the water so the composite brick pallet was destroyed.

Mistake when using composite pallets as non-baked brick trays

Sai Son Joint Stock Company has invested 1500 pallet composite and had to leave after more than 1 year:

Mistake when using composite pallets as non-baked brick trays

In addition, according to the latest survey by Phat Loc in early 2017, many units using China's PVC Pallet removed large quantities of Chinese PVC pallets . These units, after thorough investigation, contacted Phat Loc to buy and replaced with Phat Loc's PVC Pallet to ensure higher quality in the production of non-baked bricks.

Some units in Dong Nai, Yen Bai, Dac Lac, etc. use Chinese Pallet PVC and the broken or damaged pallets must be replaced as follows :

New Mekong Material Development JSC in Dong Nai, Thanh Phuc using 1000 pallets used in China less than half a year has broken up nearly 30%.

- Dong Tien Company, Yen Bai using Thanh Phuc machine, placed 1000 Chinese Pallet, broke more than 200 plates in half year.

- Block Viet, Dac Lac, using Hongfa machine, put 1000 Chinese pallets in machine, using more than 1 year was almost half.

Mistake when using composite pallets as non-baked brick trays

Phat Loc has been working in unbaked brick production since the early days and has become a reliable partner of unbaked brick factories.

Phat Loc pallet made of PVC material, with outstanding features: waterproof, absolute plane, impact resistance, abrasion resistance, longevity, overcome all disadvantages of wood and wood materials as well as the other materials.

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