Why do you have to use anti-static PVC sheets to manipulate tables in manufacturing plants?


In recent years, the trend of shifting electronics manufacturing plants from China to Southeast Asia has been getting stronger as labor costs in China increase as well as the Japanese wave. In China, after the coup.

With a favorable geographical location, it is the center of Southeast Asia and adjacent to the huge Chinese market.Some famous tech companies such as Samsung, Intel, Canon, Panasonic, LG started to build factories in Bac Ninh, Hai Phong and high tech parks in District 9.

It is characterized by a high technology industry, which requires no dust in the air and the working environment does not exist.

Because static electricity causes the circuit board to become dusty, it reduces the quality of the circuit board.

Incident caused by static electricity

ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) can cause a fire

Similar to lightning in nature. Electrostatic charge on the surface of the object releases the charges to the ground via a spindle that generates sparks. Sparks passing through the explosion point of the material (with solvent gas, caustic, volatile gas explosion, etc.) will cause a fire to ignite.

Attractiveness (ESA - Electro Static Atraction)

Small dust particles near the electrostatic field will be polarized. Due to the gravitational effect of the opposing parts, the bead particles are easily attracted to the surface of the object. This greatly affects the production process and the quality of the product. It can often be followed by harms such as reduced product quality, contaminated ink, smudging, jamming, damage to the printing plate, etc.

Harm to humans

With a huge amount of charge on the surface of the object, creating a strong magnetic field in the surrounding environment. This magnetic field has long-lasting effects on human health, in which, the most affected are the nervous system, the genitals, the circulatory system. Particularly, electrostatic force is capable of jerking workers into causing occupational accidents

Impact of static electricity in production

Electrostatic on the surface of objects, when reaching a suitable magnitude (about 3000 volts), creates an electromagnetic field. This magnetic field causes the polarization of objects. When these objects enter the electrostatic field, this polarization produces a sufficiently large Coulon gravitational attraction to force the objects into the surface of the electrostatic bearing. This vacuum phenomenon affects the quality of the production processes that need to clean the surface such as: printing, installing, packaging pharmaceuticals, food, coatings, coatings, coatings and production processes electronic,…

Therefore, in production we often encounter problems:

- Dust adherence, charge on the film, bottles reduce the quality of products

- The packaging can not be made immediately

- High static electricity causes spark to fire resulting in explosion. Printing solvents are prone to fires.

- In lemming (crow's feet, scissors)

- Workers with electric shocks cause labor accidents

- Waste products increase because workers do not want to close the film ...

- The process of closing the bag is vacuumed, the bag mouth is open

- Products that are not properly positioned due to the impact of static electricity should be pushed together, resulting in inaccurate products being defective.

- Jams on the rolls of the machine

- And many other harm

PVC anti-static plastic sheet for manipulating table

In the field of electromagnetic fields, strict requirements on anti-static are required with the table manipulation assembly or electronic assembly, the electrostatic must ensure the permissiveness of the technical requirements.

According to the study, scientists have recognized the electrostatic disabling ability of carbon fiber and its use in anti-static products. Its application is already present in PVC sheets with the greater amount of carbon, the greater the resistance to static electricity, that is why antistatic resin screens are so special.

The use of PVC sheet in the electronics industry has limited the limitations, the impact of static electricity generated in the production process. Help avoid the losses, great losses in the production of electronic components, microchips, chips ...

Thus, the operating table for industrial parks, the use of anti-static operation desk first of all to ensure the technical requirements, thereby creating a safe environment for workers and increase the quality and efficiency. Fruit production.


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