Tấm lấy sáng Polycarbonate Newlight 6 sóng

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Tấm lợp lấy sáng Polycarbonate được sử dụng rộng rãi trong việc thiết kế hệ thống chiếu sáng cho các nhà xưởng sản xuất, lắp ráp, kho hàng, xưởng may, dệt, các tòa nhà công cộng...

Eurolines Roofing

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Phat Loc heat materials Co., Ltd have produced Eurolines roofing following special design, manufactured on modern technological lines with high quality raw material, with many advantages: durable, chemical corrosion resistance....

Color of Eurolines roofing

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Phat Loc manufactures a wide range of sizes, thicknesses and colors to serve the needs of consumers.

11 waves Eurolines roofing

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11 waves Eurolines roofing against heat, noise, non-rusting, rotting and very safe when it is lightning.

6 waves Eurolines roofing

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6 waves Eurolines roofing chemical corrosion, does not oxidize lead to rotting, rusting.

Advantages of roofing Eurolines

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Roofing is resistant to corrosion from chemical vapor or saline environment, sound insulation, light weight, good strength, UV resistance.