Compare Pallet Pallet PVC with bamboo, wood

  14/10/2016    Lượt xem : 3460

Pallet PVC durable, more than 3 times higher durability of bamboo wood pallet. Products not warping, waterproof saves maintenance costs, replacement, limited production interruptions.

Pallets and pallet PVC Comparison iron

  14/10/2016    Lượt xem : 3294

Heavy steel pallets pallet 2x PVC, large steel weighing labor costs doubled, speed increased mechanical wear, power consumption nearly 2 times more pallets.

Features of plastic pallets

  28/10/2016    Lượt xem : 3447

Currently PVC Phat Loc Pallet units being produced adobe bricks Popular with Vietnamese special advantages that other materials can not be replaced.

PVC pallet for static molding machine

  29/10/2016    Lượt xem : 3461

Pallet PVC can withstand shock, vibration pressure of the large, high mechanical strength, abrasion resistance saves replacement costs, maintenance, speeding up and improving productivity.