Sort and compare PVC sheets


PVC sheet is widely used in the market today, in the fields of furniture, advertising and industry. PVC resins are available in a variety of colors. Please join us in classifying and comparing plastics in this article.

Phân loại và so sánh các loại tấm nhựa PVC

1. Sort PVC sheet 
PVC sheet is available in three different colors: PVC-colored, PVC-white and PVC-white. Each type has its own density, chemical properties and cost. 
However, these PVC sheets can be used as partitions, wardrobes, billboards, workbenches or low-acid storage tanks.

2. Comparison of PVC types 
- Regarding hardness: The color PVC sheet is harder than the other two types. Mainly because PVC color is also more brittle. 
- Chemical resistance: Ivory white PVC sheet has the highest chemical resistance. Therefore, if you want to use to make tanks should choose PVC white ivory offline! 
- Specific weight: 
The specific weight of PVC color is: 1.7 g / cm3 
The density of PVC white is 1.65 g / cm3 
The specific mass of PVC chicken fat is: 1.7 g / cm3 
- Cost: White ivory white PVC has the lowest density and the highest price. 
- Heat resistance: All 3 PVC sheets are heat resistant


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