Sell ​​prestige PVC sheet in Hanoi


Phat Loc is a manufacturer and service provider of PVC sheet in Hanoi with high technology products, competitive price.

With outstanding advantages such as light weight, waterproof, not fire, heat, durable, good impact.

PVC sheet reputable seller in Hanoi

Even PVC can be drilled, cut, bolted and nailed comfortably. As a result, PVC panels are widely used in the home interior design, kitchen, office living room ...

Anti-fire, termite: This is a superior advantage of PVC sheet compared with other materials.

Reduced possibility of fire, short circuit , ensure safety for human. Unlike wood, PVC sheet is made of PVC powder, so it is resistant to termite.

Insulation, PVC insulation is specially constructed to have good insulation ability, can prevent 95 - 97% of heat radiation from the outside.

Highest aesthetics: PVC panels with beautiful design, rich color diversity is easy to combine with the interior of the house, office space creates harmony and beautiful.

It also has the ability to insulate , avoid the risk caused by electricity. Safe for the user and especially safe for families with young children.

Therefore, PVC sheet is used for a lot of space with many different uses such as: used for wall tiles, skirting boards, decorative ceiling sound insulation, reduce heat or also used to do chill, to bring the space of your work more luxurious and modern.

Sell ​​the prestigious PVC sheet in Hanoi and the whole country

Looking to buy PVC sheet? You do not know where to buy PVC sheets cheap? As a longtime unit in the field of selling PVC plastic in Hanoi, Phat Loc will provide customers with products of good quality, diverse designs.

We also have a team of enthusiastic consultants, knowledgeable about PVC sheet will help you choose the best product.

What is the price of PVC sheet in Hanoi?

In particular, the company always offers affordable PVC sheet. We always want to give our customers satisfaction not only in product quality but also in price.


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PVC sheet is widely used in the market today, in the fields of furniture, advertising and industry. PVC resins are available in a variety of colors.

Price of 3mm PVC sheet

Quotation of 3mm PVC sheet made by Phat Loc, diversified in color and size. Contact 0902 97 9998 for best market price.