Replacing traditional brick with unbaked bricks is becoming a trend


Unbaked brick replacing traditional brick is an indispensable trend in construction, but for non-baked brick to replace the traditional brick, manufacturers must reduce the cost of products, reduce the weight of products. By increasing the porosity of the brick from the current 25% to 45%.

In particular, manufacturers need to apply technological solutions in the production process in order to overcome the situation of the walls of construction works using non-baked brick materials often appear cracks, causing aesthetic and technical of the works.


Non-baked bricks using Phat Loc PVC pallet made of brick

These are requirements of the majority of customers using non-baked brick materials presented at the conference "Assessing the current situation of production and use of non-baked building materials" by the Ministry of Construction, (GEF) in the afternoon of September 21, in Tam Ky city, Quang Nam province.

Customers of unburned brick jointly commented: Unburnt bricks are two times stronger than brick, so that the strength is much higher than traditional bricks. The sound insulation of the bricks is not baked better, the absorption of heat and heat transfer less than the clay bricks. Highly accurate unbaked bricks, which are completely inert materials, should be non-toxic and reduce more than 50% of the greenhouse gas emissions.

After 5 years of implementation of Decision No. 567 / QĐ-TTg dated 28/04/2010 of the Prime Minister on the program of development of non-baked building materials up to 2020, since there is no building material production base. Today, Quang Nam province has some unbaked brick factories in Dai Loc, Thang Binh, Phu Ninh, Nui Thanh and Dien Ban towns with total capacity of over 200 million bricks per year.

In order to encourage the production and use of non-baked bricks, to gradually reduce the production and use of baked clay bricks, Quang Nam province continues to call for investment and apply many solutions and support mechanisms such as: Land lease in the first 2 years, 50% tax reduction in the next 4 years, investors are also exempted import duty components of equipment manufacturing non-baked brick.

Quang Nam has set a target that by 2020, unburnt bricks will be able to supply about 43% of the construction market demand.

Doan Huu Trung / VNA


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