PVC sheet effective baffle, luxurious


Plastic bulkheads are used nowadays and it is suitable for many different uses of each person.

One can use plastic partitions to make ceilings, create partition between rooms ...

To help customers see the advantages and benefits of this plastic partition, refer to the article below to get a better overview of the product.

1. The advantages of plastic partition wall products

Asian. Origin of porcelain products of plastic partition walls

Highly appreciated for the quality when the plastic partitions are made of high quality synthetic PVC compounds.

This product has good durability, high elasticity and ductility just enough to suit the different uses of customers.

B. High aesthetics

Transparent plastic transparent walls are quite diverse in design, color and size. Using plastic partitions will ensure aesthetics with the design of your home, interior.

C. Easy to install, install and replace

Synthetic PVC , plastic partitions are easy to install and execute whenever customers have demand.

Replacing the design when you feel like changing is also very simple. Plastic partition ready to meet the needs and expectations of customers. Especially, with high safety, the plastic partition walls do not harm the health of the users.You are absolutely assured of using this product for a long time.

2. What do you get about plastic partitions?

Create a private space for your home

With PVC walls with high sound insulation, you will not have to worry about the effects, the effects from the environment such as ultraviolet, sunshine ... And then the noise. , Sound affects the living in the room. 
Plastic partition will create a quiet space, absolute privacy for you and your family.

- Protect the health of your family

With waterproof, water resistant, anti-termite, insects ... plastic walls will help you protect the health of the whole family.

- Match the house feng shui

Feng shui home is indispensable to create prosperity, fortunately for the extended family. Understand that, plastic partition walls are quite different colors so you can choose to suit the room feng shui preference.

3. The address of buying plastic partitions prestigious for you 

As a reputable PVC resin trading board , Long Loc has built a reputation in the hearts of customers across the country, notably Hanoi and Hanoi. Ho Chi Minh. Here, we provide our customers with plastic partition products with:

- Good quality PVC resin, good mechanical strength to meet the needs of customers 
- Cost is suitable for customers 
- Ensure aesthetic, feng shui for your home 
- Protect the health of family members 
- Easy to install, install, replace and maintain

With the use of plastic partitions, you will create a modern, clean and luxurious living space for your home. Plastic partition saves you money, time and space for your home. Select the address of our company, you will get the plastic wall products like.


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