Production of unbaked building materials began to increase


According to statistics of the Ministry of Construction, compared with the target set in the program of development of VLXKN, production and consumption is now completed. The domestic consumption has been improved and many investors are investing in this field to dominate the market, catching up with the development trend. 
By 2016, the total capacity of construction materials of unlabelled building materials (VLXKN) reached about seven billion standard (QTC) per year, which produced 6.5 billion QTC per year. However, only the aggregate bricks with high consumption, about 5.7 billion of QTC, about 98% of production, and lightweight brick (concrete brick air pressure, foam concrete) About 0.55 billion of the total capacity of about 1.2 billion QTC tablets. The volume of production and consumption is now complete, but in order to reach the target of contributing 30 to 40% of total building material by 2020, thorn.

Vice Chairman of Vietnam Construction Materials Association Le Van Toi said that, in terms of performance, there are many obstacles such as the habit of using traditional clay bricks; The benefits of producing and using old materials will be encountered when new materials are replaced; arbitrariness in design, construction and ignorance of the common goal, saving resources, ensuring the environment. 

At the management level, there are four bottlenecks to implementation: lack of some guidelines in the policy mechanism, leading to practical implementation difficulties, such as preferential loans for investment; It lacks the necessary standards, standards and economic and technical norms; To develop green and environmentally-friendly projects which have not been properly paid attention; lack of urge in management, inspection and sanction work has not brought into play. 

However, as domestic consumption has been improved, many investors have been investing in this field to dominate the market and catch up with the development trend. 

Tan Ky Nguyen Brick Joint Stock Company has invested in the second production line of concrete bricks with a capacity of 150,000 m3 per year. Previously 80% of the company's output exported to Taiwan (China) and Singapore, but currently consumed in the city. Ho Chi Minh increased and exports to foreign countries fell to 50% output. But more typical are the units producing cement bricks. 

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Khang Minh Dang Viet Le Brick Joint Stock Company said that the company now has six production lines of aggregate bricks with a total capacity of 200 million bricks per year and is expected to continue in 2018. invest four more lines with the same capacity, raising the total capacity of the company to about 400 million QTC per year. 

In fact, the market for producing unbaked brick is still open and potential for investors. At the same time, many projects have used more than 80% of VLXKN such as Ecohome social housing project, commercial housing project in Lane 102 Truong Chinh - Hanoi. 

Up to this point, the total capacity of the three main product categories is aggregate cement, aerosol concrete and foam concrete of non-baked building materials accounting for more than 24% of the total volume of construction materials To achieve the objectives set out in the Program for development of non-baked building materials up to 2020 already approved by the Prime Minister. However, to achieve this goal of 30 to 40% by 2020, more policies are needed to tackle the problem.


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