Price of PVC sheet is popular in the market


A thick PVC sheet is popular in the market. Phat Loc is specialized in producing and supplying PVC sheet with many kinds of technical plastics. To better understand the advantages and applications of PVC, you can refer to the following article.

Advantages of Phat Loc PVC Sheets :
- Mechanical strength with high hardness
- Good insulation
- High corrosion resistance
- Durable with chemistry
- Flexibility
- Fire resistance
- Printing and welding well
Application of solid PVC sheet:
- Special PVC sheet used in water purification equipment, mining, electronics, environmental equipment, ...
- PVC sheet used to make PVC pallets is commonly used in the factory manufacturing non-baked brick.
- Used in advertising, decoration and furniture systems
- Make plating tank, chemical tank, anti-static table
- PVC sheet is used for machine parts and fabrication
- Used to pack food, medicine or cosmetics
- Spare parts for pipe, valve, stationary cover, electrical equipment frame
- Making industrial brushes, flooring, partitions, ...
The above are the outstanding advantages of PVC plastic sheet production. Please contact us via Hotline 0902 97 9998 - 0904 964 877 for the fastest support. We are specialized in providing plastic products with good quality and reasonable price.


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PVC sheet is widely used in the market today, in the fields of furniture, advertising and industry. PVC resins are available in a variety of colors.

Price of 3mm PVC sheet

Quotation of 3mm PVC sheet made by Phat Loc, diversified in color and size. Contact 0902 97 9998 for best market price.