China Composite Pallet Composite Brick - Lightweight materials, but low efficiency, endangering Vietnam market


At the present time, the new brick pallet composite pallet composite type is not available. By image and video comparable to other pallets, the supply units have persuaded a number of units to use. However, the use of composite pallets is not as advertised, the expectations of users become depleted.

Composite pallets offered on the market are 100% imported from China with various supplies. This is a by-product of the waste treatment process, including cotton fiber reinforcement and substrate for bonding and protection of the inner core. The product has many harmful substances, affecting the health of workers, turning unbaked brick into an environmentally unfriendly product.

Advantages of the product: Thanks to such a structure, the composite pallet can not break when the dam is large. At the same time prominent highlights worth mentioning is only slightly less than 2/3 compared to PVC pallets .However, the downside is great, especially in the production of unbaked bricks. The compressive process of the composite palletiser is scratched by the surface, the fiber reinforced by bricks, which breaks the bond permanently and breaks down.

Initially scratched, chipped surface:


Cracking by the plate (pallet in Dien Bien):


Chinese composite pallet poses a danger to users and the Vietnamese market 
The essence of composite is the composite material from the substrate compound and mineral fiber reinforcement. In which the substrate is usually plastic, carbon or metal. Spinning yarns are usually organic fibers of various types, such as glass fibers, asbestos fibers, carbon fiber, boron, bicarbonate, carbon fiber .... Glass and asbestos are hazardous to human beings in the case of glass fiber dust and asbestos dust as they are used over time, emit as dust into the air, for human. Amiang was listed as a human carcinogen, respiratory infection 
Frequent exposure to materials containing asbestos, or fiberglass, can have a negative and potentially harmful effect on human health.

Mostly on the market today, composite pallets are imported from the Chinese market.


Chinese composite pallets are made from composite in flat form to make non-baked trays for pallet trays. However, the substrate makes the surface more susceptible to breaking down to extinguish the surface. When the surface is crushed at several small points, the stain will quickly spread across the surface, the edge of the pallet. Surface substrate is lost, prevents the fibers inside, they absorb and break out. Make the plate lose its inherent unity and fracture. This material can not be recycled, will become toxic waste to the environment and the people living in it.This is characteristic of composite. This explains the experiments using a hammer, the car runs through the composite pallet does not break. Being impacted, the pallet is only cracked, not broken because of internal fiber structure. However, the broken surface soaked the water so the composite brick pallet was destroyed.

Then plants must often be thrown away. Pallet composting endangers the user and the environment. Although it is renewable, the recycling process costs money, while also jeopardizing the worker's recycling process by inhaling asbestos fibers and glass fibers. School harmful to the environment. While China's composite pallet suppliers usually do not have to buy composite pallet scrap after use. This is no different, Chinese composite pallets are the way they convert waste components into composite pallets sold at high prices then endangers people and the health of the people in the Vietnamese market.

Meanwhile, Phat Loc PVC pallet is a material produced from PVC granules, so it does not have a dispersant component like dust like composite pallets. So PVC pallets are absolutely safe with the environment. Meanwhile, Phat Loc has a policy of converting four old pvc pallets for a new pvc pallet to save on user fees.

Differentiate between P- PVC pallets and compostie pallets 
Often, with units producing unbaked bricks used through both composite pallets and pvc pallets, these two types of pallets are distinguished. However, with the newly built non-baked brick production units, there is often a lot of interest in the production of non-baked bricks. And often the units selling machines producing non-baked brick will always advise pallet trays unbaked brick machine attached to the machine. Many companies do not yet know the options available to choose composite pallets or have heard about pvc pallets but do not know the difference between PVC pallets and composite pallets. 
Can be based on the image below to distinguish two types of composite: composite pallets usually have a textured surface, when the break is not smooth and fiber. Whilst pallet PVC surface is usually gray, one color, no texture, when broken, the middle texture is very smooth.

The lesson learned for unbaked brick units that use composite pallets is that the use of Chinese composite pallets is not considered to be suitable for the production of unbaked bricks. Customers should be careful and careful when choosing, avoid because of some advantages that waste investment.

Phat Loc's PVC pallets have been used throughout the country for uninterrupted brickmaking and value for durability through long-term use. Products are produced directly in the country, warranty policy, after-sales convenience, with high quality, always alongside the unburnt brick factory. Phat Loc PVC Pallet is a better choice. You can find out more about Phat Loc PVC Pallet for optimum selection.


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