The demand for chemical resistant roofing sheet, insulation in Vietnam market


Hot weather is one of the toughest agents to challenge the toughness of roofing sheets. Located in the inner hemisphere of the Northern Hemisphere, Vietnam receives a large amount of solar radiation with very high mean temperatures. The number of sunny hours is up to 1400-3000 hours / year. Peak in hot seasons, in cities such as Hanoi, Saigon or Vinh, Da Nang, ... outdoor temperature can be up to 40 0 C. If using conventional roofing sheets, not Heat-insulating, but only shielding, such as metal -clad roofs , is heat-transferable, causing a great deal of discomfort to the space used when temperatures are high and hot.

In addition, over the years, climate extremes in Vietnam are changing, with unusually high water levels in the coastal zone, deep sea inland intrusion and extreme rainfall tending to increase. As such, rain and air can carry both salt vapors and chemicals in the air due to increasing environmental pollution, becoming a major hazard.

Especially, manufacturers need to use chemicals or produce in chemical environments such as dyeing companies, chemical producers, tanning plants, dipping sauce factories, plating plants. metallurgy, chemical plants, pesticide fertilizers, etc., the use of common roofing such as metal, tile, etc. are prone to erosion by harsh weather and chemicals.

Metal roofing sheets are widely used in construction works. In the process of using, it is easy to see that the metal roof is very noisy and hot, after a period of use will be stained and perforated. Due to the thermal conductivity, and oxidation of metals by axium or oxygen, or especially in the presence of harsh chemicals and environments near or near the coast, the faster the metal sheet metal alloys are oxidized. And corrosion leads to rust, malfunctioning quickly.

Since then, the need for a roofing material can be corrosive to chemicals, which can withstand extreme heat stress.The answer is the need to have plastic roofing can meet the most basic needs in the weather conditions: anti-heat, anti-oxidation, chemical corrosion, super durable and cost-effective. With the development of the use of synthetic resins for human life, plastic is gradually asserting its enormous role in human life. Phat Loc is the leading plastic materials company in the plastic materials industry, so it has fully taken the initiative to catch up with the demand of customers, has successfully researched products anti-corrosion roofing chemicals Eurolines is the plastic roofing sheet PVC is made of 3 layers of PVC material and put into mass production, distributed nationwide.

Demand for super roofing panels

The following will describe and explain in detail why the Eurolines Phen Loc roofing sheet is suitable for Vietnamese climate.


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