Mistakes when using Composite Pallet to support adobe bricks


Realizing the great demand, many investors have researched and selected carefully machines and applicances to produce it. The most important thing is production line which has to be suitable with space, output, productivity and so on. Although pallet is considered as an auxiliary carrier, it plays key role in production line of adobe bricks. The pallet is mostly used to support bricks molding, shaping before moving to drying ground to  harden and cure bricks.

At present, there are new appearance of composite pallet which is advertised with super durable feature, even more duratble than PVC pallet. We have a chance to examine the materials.

Sai lầm khi sử dụng Pallet Composite đỡ gạch không nung

Composite pallets are made from fiber reinforced compound and background - is the product of garbage disposal.Products with toughness, high reliability block. However, the substrate surface creating crushing fragile surface.When the surface was put in first few small points, stamping marks will rapidly spread throughout the surface is scratched, edges of the pallets. Lost substrate surface, as in inert fiber reinforced, waterproof them and disintegrator.Causing broken links lose inherent unity and cracking each array. This material is not recycled, becomes hazardous waste for the environment and people who live in it. These are characteristics of the composite. This explains the experiments used a hammer, driving through composite pallet is not broken. Its effects, the pallet was cracked and not only because of textured yarn broken inside. However, surface water soaked broken stamping make up pallets of bricks supporting composite being destroyed. 
We have recorded image composite pallet at several plants used. Customers who bought the supplied composite pallet from China, uses less than 1 year, started losing corner plates, broken edges. Apart from one year can not be used again to replace other materials. Phat Loc has received many requests of pallet units ordered to replace PVC composite pallet.

Sai Son Joint Stock Company has invested 1500 composite pallet and must leave after more than 1 year:

Pallet Phat Loc has accompanied adobe brick production right from the early days. From toddlers tough so far, pallet Phat Loc has won the trust of customers throughout the country, Phat Loc has become a trusted partner of unbaked brick factories. Phat Loc pallet made of PVC, with the outstanding features: waterproof, absolute plane, impact resistance, abrasion resistance, long life, to overcome all the disadvantages of bamboo wood materials as well as the other materials. 


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