Just 250 million you have a 2 storey house never bothered


The two-storey house has a different style. Compared with the current general requirements, most home builders want to design a beautiful two-storey house with flat roofs or skylights and lay out skylights for light.

In this beautiful two-story house is designed door, the main window is still glass vietnam glass door, glass balcony combined with Inax tile, the balcony part of the balcony is used to add a few more Power projection in the yard.

The gate and fence facade are simply designed with nothing too sophisticated and complex but overall make a perfect 2-storey house design perfect for you.

1st floor The layout of the living room has a garage, bedroom, dining room, staircase, a common toilet under the stairs to take advantage of this space.

2nd floor will follow the road / alley directions, the front balcony design from 0.9m to 1.4m. This 2 bedroom family house is designed and sanitized. There is a common living room.

In order to ventilate and brighten the best house, the house has a well design at the bottom of the staircase, favorable air convection, the rooms are airy, on the roof of the sky using the roof cover light rain but still get natural light for all floors.

This design is good for home health and will save a lot of electricity costs for air conditioning, fans, lamps.


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