Inviting disaster when using wrongly clingwrap on Tet holiday


Clingwrap is commonly used in family, wedding, holiday, Tet. However if clingwrap is abused, it can also cause diaster.

Useful clingwrap is coupled with harmfulness

The clingwrap is used to hoard food preservation, food scraps during Tet as  "precious thing" of the housewives. Meeting demand, the manufacturers offer models made from 100% PVC or PE, with no harmful chemicals and used with all forms, from storage to processing sea…

However, many studies have shown that up to 50% of the ingredients are coated membrane additive plasticiser. For himself, PVC, PE can not be flexible as the sheath is being promoted that takes plasticiser. On the market today, there are many types of plasticisers such as DOP, CD ... These substances are being warned to be toxic to human health.

Due to the many advantages such as low cost, lightweight, convenience and beauty ..., demand of clingwrap is still growing. To reduce these hazards when used, users should note the followings:

These foods should not be stored in clingwrap

Carrot, cucumber, cowpea: Use clingwrap wrapped 100g carrots, after a day of Vitamin C contained in carrots decreased 3.4 mg, Vitamin C content of 3.8 mg cowpea. With cucumber, after a day and a night of food wrapped in membranes, vitamin C loss was equivalent to 5 apples ships, information on the VOV.

Meat and food waste: food wrap films have certain properties and not through air humidity Lens, moreover avoid dust in the air should be able to extend the storage life of food. Therefore the use of sheaths in family life is very common. Also by not recording characteristics, so proper food sheath in the preservation of vegetables containing high water content.

Cooked food, hot: Do not take clingwrap upholstering cooked, hot food and foods containing fat because after exposure to these foods, chemical components contained in the sheath will easily promote, penetrating the food, causing adverse health effects.

Harmful habits when using clingwrap need removal

Do not use in the microwave: Heat food clingwrap while the microwave is a disastrous mistake. By clingwrap may contain chemicals like Phthalates and Deha when experiencing high temperatures will cause them to melt and turn into carcinogenic extremely dangerous, according to Family & Society report.

Do not look at food wrap: Films should cover food from at least 2.5 cm. As if wrapped direct, harmful substances in the membrane can be infected, penetrating the food, causing incalculable harm to health. Therefore, food should be high in the glass box and then coated with a food film. Also, do not cover the use of fruits such as carrots, cucumber, cowpea because vitamin C causes of these bulbs, this result is much reduced.

Not used when a strange smell: After the purchase of used, you need to preserve membrane in places where average temperatures. If stored at high temperatures where low or too easy metamorphic sheaths and toxins. Especially, do not use sheaths with signs of mold, was sun, a strange smell.


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