Increase fine if using unfriendly building materials


Along with the improvement of the legal policy related to un-burned building materials , it is necessary to further promote the propagation of the use of this material to the people and enterprises, Penalty for failure to comply with regulations on the use of VLXKN in construction activities. Only a few solutions can be implemented to increase the use of environmentally friendly materials, aimed at building green cities.

Assess 6 years of implementation of the VLXKN Development Program under the Decision No. 567 / QD-TTg dated 28/4/2010 of the Prime Minister, Director of Construction Materials Department (Ministry of Construction) Pham Van Bac information: There are still localities not really interested in the program, or no specific effective solution to increase the use of VLXKN, limiting the production and use of clay bricks.

Typically in Binh Thuan province, local available raw materials for production of VLXKN and investors have produced, however, up to now, the provincial People's Committee still has a written request to delay implementation of Circular 09 / 2012 on Regulation of unbaked bricks in construction works. Or Ben Tre province has not determined the cause of cracking the wall when built by the VLXKN made public opinion, the provincial People's Committee has directed to change the VLXKN by burning materials. 
However, there are many positive signals. Statistics show that up to now, there have been 55 provinces and cities issuing plans for the disposal of improved handmade craft and fossil fuel furnaces; Develop the roadmap and plan for the development of VLXKN and limit the production and use of baked clay bricks.

Particularly, Bac Ninh, Hai Duong, Ho Chi Minh City are the provinces and cities completely abolished manually brick kilns. Enterprises, especially private enterprises, have actively responded to the Government's policy and developed many high quality VLXKN products, step by step diversifying the VLXKN products.

Director of HCM City Department of Construction Nguyen Minh Thai said that from 2013 to 2016, the city had 806 projects and works subject to the compulsory use of VLXKN, of which 163 projects have been used. Besides attention to propaganda, the city has solved the problem in all three stages from production - business - construction;At the same time, there are policies to support investment in this area. 
The development of VLXKN does not stop with the improvement of policies and documents but also many other issues related to the early promulgation of technical regulations. To develop curriculums, to introduce new material training establishments, especially to resolutely handle establishments using bricks, to affect the environment ...

Therefore, from the point of view of state management, the Construction Materials Department is proposing to replace Decree No. 121/2013 / ND-CP, including provisions on penalties for non-compliance. On the use of construction materials in construction activities.

Specifically, a fine of 70-80 million dong is imposed on the act of approving designs and cost estimates which do not comply with regulations on the use of VLXKN; Fine from 30-40 million VND for acts of non-observance of regulations on the use of VLXKN; A fine of between 20 and 30 million dong shall be imposed for acts of failing to incorporate VLXKN into the works for compulsory use of VLXKN, failing to ensure the rate of VLXKN according to regulations or not complying with the regulations on the use of materials for public works. submit…

These fines increased about 10 million compared to the current fine.

Source: baophapluat


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