How is the complete production line of unbaked brick?


Construction materials industry in Vietnam is having positive policies and changes, using non-baked bricks in the construction industry are being promoted by many mechanisms. Therefore, now the units producing unbaked bricks are having many opportunities and many priorities when producing bricks without furnace supply to the construction market.
Many businesses have taken the pioneering rhythm in this field, but how to invest in production of non-baked brick machine? Where is the production line of non-baked bricks suitable and effective use with each unit producing non-baked bricks? What are the components of the unbaked brick production line? Which units provide and have the most advanced technology of non-baked brick presses? A series of questions will always be provided by Phat Loc for each customer.

Dây chuyền sản xuất gạch không nung sử dụng pallet PVC Phát Lộc

A complete non-baked brick production line includes a silo system for mixing raw materials, supply systems, key chains for brick making, tray systems, and brick removal systems.
We have met a lot of units producing non-baked bricks with plans to build a factory producing non-baked bricks, most customers think simple reproductive lines need machines, but there is a set An indispensable part of indispensable in the process of bricks is the plastic pallet. Many people mistakenly think this type of pallet is only for transportation, only when put into operation to break down and cause the process to be interrupted by the system provider did not transfer the technology and processes most clear to Hand user.

The production line of unbaked brick can not be completed without pallets

Plastic pallets are trays, materials are pressed into molds, vibrators pressed, molded brick in the mold, then pressed the bricks on pallets, pallets 25-56 bricks were conveyed outside, then Workers push the forklift, lift the pallet with the brick to the drying yard. If there is no brick pallet, the unfinished brick press line can not work, producing the bricks.

Another problem worth to pay attention to is that when learning about the production line of unbaked bricks, units of factories producing non-baked bricks should thoroughly study about pallets: size, thickness, types of pallets To contribute to the preparation of launching reproductive activities as well as the size of the bricks produced.
Phat Loc Pallet was born as a substitute for bamboo pallets. The product is made from PVC with high-grade additives with high mechanical strength, impact resistance, abrasion resistance, vibration resistance of the machine. Phat Loc Pallet has a life expectancy of three times that of bamboo pallets, which helps to maintain, replace, speed up and reproduce the productivity.
Phat Loc's pallet is much lighter than iron pallets, which helps to increase the productivity of reproduction, reduce wear and tear of machines, save labor for unbaked brick production units. This product is the optimum selection for the factory manufacturing non-baked brick.

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