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Eurolines roofing anti-acid, anti-chemical corrossion

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    Growing society, the economy is gradually moving towards industrialization - modernization. At the factory, gases, toxic gases, chemicals significant impacts to the atmosphere, the environment as well as the metal material becomes susceptible to rust, rot damage economically significant. Rain water is also not clear which always accompany the chemical impurities. It causes rapid corrugated metal rusting, rotting, must be replaced. Under these circumstances, the need for a roof material can withstand this matter is essential.


    Phat Loc has designed and produced successful roofing Eurolines - durable, corrosion resistant, chemical resistant. Products are manufactured from 100% raw materials, additives absolutely no asbestos, fiberglass, so the absolute safety, environmental protection and health.

    Outstanding characteristics:
    - Eurolines with the main ingredient of PVC should not corroded by chemicals such as acid, alkali, salt ... not oxidized by steam, gas oxide.
    - Specially constructed, high-grade materials, production line sync, modern , we made products for monitoring stiffness, bearing large. The formula contains high UV rate (2%) helps aging products, the timeless.
    - Eurolines is made from PVC, middle layer porous structure helps roofing insulation, sound insulation. Efficiency up to 40%
    - Eurolines non-conductive, non-flammable so they are safe to use, especially when rain storms, lightning or fire.
    - Bear storms, tornadoes: It is specifically designed to slot surge, heavy rain, high winds, slot role as drainage gutters small help fast, avoid leaking splashing.
    - Environmentally friendly products, not contain asbestos, glass fibers, toxic chemicals should not affect the environment, the health of the user.


    Phat Loc Materials Company is one of the leading companies in the field of manufacturing and supplying industrial plastic materials, insulation materials such as Eurolines resistant chemical-axite roofing, lightweight roofing sheet, PVC sheet PP / PE for heat resistance, fire retardant, decorative film, insulation material ... for industrial customers and civil customers.
    With the desire to improve the quality of service, our company is looking forward to receive the cooperation help of customers!
    To receive price alert of  Eurolines ecological roofing, please contact Phat Loc Materials Co., Ltd through our hotline or email as bellow:
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