Consulting plastic roofing sheet with chemical resistance, acid

In different environments we have to choose different roofing to match the nature of work. In the presence of corrosive chemicals or salty environments, conventional roofing is only usable for a short time. To meet the needs of users in accordance with the environment, Phat Loc has produced high quality corrosion resistant roofing Eurolines chemical resistant to corrosive chemicals and environments.
Cung cấp tấm lợp mái nhà bằng nhựa kháng hóa chất, axit
Eurolines is manufactured in any length depending on the requirements of customers with thicknesses: 2.0 - 2.5 - 3.0 - 3.5 mm ... The combination of delicate color and variety of waves:
Corrugated roofing Eurolines has many outstanding technical features:
- Anti-corrosion in acidic environment - alkaline - sea water environment, mangrove
- Lightweight, easy to install and transport
- Longevity in the chemical environment
- High strength, resistant to bending - tension pull
- No rust, no moisture to ensure health in wet and moldy environment
- Good insulation to create a living environment and work safely when cloudy or electrical equipment is leaking.
- Good sound insulation - Rain noise reduction
- Good heat resistance
Anti-corrosion coatings have many applications such as:
- Resists chemical erosion in chemical plants, pharmaceuticals, fertilizer plants, pesticides, metallurgical plants, rubber plants, food processing plants, fish sauce .
- Offshore works, roofing against erosion of salts, salinity intrusion
- In agriculture: livestock breeding, aquaculture sound insulation sound efficient. Corrosion-resistant roofing creates ideal environment for plants and animals to grow well and gain weight rapidly.


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