Compare the quality of PVC pallets on the market


At present, the industry of producing bricks and unburned building materials is being encouraged to develop because of its remarkable advantages over traditional heating materials. 
With an unpressed brick line often found, whether using vibration or static pressing technology, pallets are always an integral accessory. 
Pallets are made from a variety of materials, can be made of wood, bamboo, PVC, composite or iron. 
Of all the materials mentioned above, the outstanding advantage of PVC pallets is that they can maintain the bricks in comfortable water without any breakage. 
At present, there are hundreds of pallet suppliers in the market, most of them from China, such as Jinan Xinyu Plastic, Zibo YQ Tenda Business, Suzhou Highbright Enterprise Limited .... However, the price and quality are diverse and there are many types. 

Compare the quality of PVC pallets on the market

Especially in the market appeared a lot of cheap PVC pallets, but quality is also poor. To be able to create such a low-cost product, manufacturers often use low-cost plastic granules, less of the type of additive needed in production (usually expensive additives), copper In the old technology and backward production, the products are often of very poor quality 
We had a chance to visit the factories producing unburned bricks and noted many cases of using poor quality PVC pallets from China. Pallets are cracked in the production process only after a short time of use, causing great damage to the owner, shortage of production materials, affecting the productivity and quality of many manufacturing companies. brick.

Poor quality pallet images rupture after a period of use.

So how to distinguish and make the right choice among the myriad types of pallets on the market today? 
We have made comparisons after surveying, testing and gathering information about the types of pallets we are using today and giving a distinctive distinction when you are wondering how to choose pallets for your production line. 
Cross section of the good quality PVC pallets will have uniform color, solid, firm and no impurities. Compared to poor quality PVC pallets - in the core are porous voids and contain impurities such as metal lumps. This is the reason why these pallets are under very low pressure when used in brick making line. At the same time, the pallet makes the pallet lighter than the good quality, and the pallet manufacturers take that same trait to the customer.


In terms of bonding, due to the use of poor quality materials and backward production technology, poor quality pallets often have rough surface surfaces as well as dark colors, which are very uneven colors. Compare below:

In fact, the use of unbaked brick production units shows that good quality used pallets can be used up to 4 - 5 years, whereas low quality ones can only be used up to the maximum. One year, in particular, the unit can only be used for 3 months, broken 2/3 of the total number of pallets purchased. So even though the initial investment was low due to the low price, the short shelf life of the pallet was low and the cost of using it was much higher. Not to mention, broken pallets shorten the number of pallets needed, reducing production capacity, affecting the production plan. 
Currently in Vietnam, Phat Loc Thermal Co., Ltd. is the only company producing and distributing PVC pallets for the production of unbaked brick. The product is warranted for two years in the form of a 1 change. The company also offers only a single quality and is of high quality. 
It is thought that careful inquiry before selecting PVC pallets will help the units producing the unbaked brick have the right choice, avoid buying low quality PVC pallets but low quality will affect the operation. Production, investment efficiency. Choose good quality pallets, so worthy of the money investors spend.


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