The secret to keeping your home cool in the summer


In summer, the temperature rises, the house is often hot, so how to protect the heat of your home should be very interested. How can you make your home feel cool, cool in the summer? You should follow the suggestions for heat resistance, heat resistance follows:

1. Anti-heat for the roof

The roof is the most direct and direct contact with the sun, so good roofing is a 50% success.

Roofing Eurolines

First of all, attention should be paid to roofing materials that are popular such as: roof tile, brick, roofing , insulation sheet . You should note the installation of the ceiling so that there is a gap between the roof and the ceiling, the more the distance, the lower the heat into the house, put ventilation holes, windows to help the house not hot. It is also another anti-heat solution being used by current owners.

Eurolines roofing is an effective sunblock, which can be a hint for you

2. wall heat

In Vietnam, the most common way to prevent wall penetration is to build thick walls. According to my experience, a 20cm thick brick wall is not enough to block the heat of the west sunshine into the house. New building materialssuch as 3D panels are also good for heat protection.

Heat resistant wall insulation cotton

3. Anti-heat for glass doors

Glass is increasingly used for windows and doors. For glass doors, in addition to heat conduction through glass, heat is also transmitted through radiation (sunlight). Glass doors (2 layers of glass) are soundproof and well insulated but can not prevent the heat from entering the home through the sun; They are suitable for use in temperate countries: to prevent indoor warmth from spreading through the glass during winter.

When the sun's rays pass through the glass into the house, it warms up the house. The objects in the house heat up, which will emit infrared rays with long wavelength, this ray is reflected in the glass surface so not out of the house made the house hotter. It is necessary to block sunlight through the glass into the house. There are many ways to prevent heat from passing through the glass: the core is still sunshades for glass in such forms as planting trees or sunbeds or making sunshade panels. Note that, in order to have the effect of heat protection, the sun shade outside the glass door, curtain hanging inside the glass only dazzling, but the effect is not very hot.

4. Open the window

To keep the living space cool and airy during the summer, your home will always have a window open for the wind to blow in and another window open for the wind out of the house. From there create a space for the wind to move in the space of your home, thus creating a wind flow in the house. When there are winds in the house, it will make your house cooler. You also should not arrange tall wooden appliances such as wooden cabinets because it will obstruct the wind blowing or the windows.

Chống nắng bằng cách mở cửa sổ

The most effective way to take advantage of windows is to install windows in a variety of sizes, such as upward, downward, or pull-open doors. Create a large window area to facilitate access to the home.


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