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First, companies should be sent to customers greeting respect and hope to receive cooperation from your company.

Today the trend is to build and design buildings, apartment buildings, residential houses, buildings, public works ... in this 21st century is environmentally friendly. To do that, the manufacturer has crafted new material more compatible, both light and heat insulation, sound insulation, good morning has taken the work sustainable.

Minimize the use of electricity is a critical requirement for the construction work. Whereby habitat, living space close to nature; reduce electricity bill costs, protect the environment. Therefore, thermal insulation materials become important and indispensable in the construction and installation of refrigeration systems, reducing system heat of high temperature furnaces.

Phat Loc is one of the top units in the field of production and supply of industrial plastic materials, heat-resistant, flame retardant, plastic sheet PVC / PP / PE, PVC plastic pallet, UPVC transclusent roofing, ... for insulation provides industrial customers and residential customers.


1. Roofing Eurolines: the kind of ecological roofing chemical resistance, resistance to acids: Slate 5 waves, 6 waves, seven waves, 11 waves.

2. UPVC roof from so-called smart roofing.

3. Plastic plates, technical plates

4. PVC plastic pallet or tray support in production lines brick adobe bricks
5. Insulation of type P1, P2, AP, P2P, A1, A2, A2A

6. Films decorative

7. Insulation materials: glass wool, rock wool materials, insulating materials, ceramic, ...

Our products are manufactured under modern technological lines of the advanced countries in the world to bring high-quality and efficient for the user.

With the motto always gives customers the satisfaction in quality and price, we have built a network of dealers, customers throughout the country.

Wishing to further improve the quality of service, our company is looking forward to the cooperation of our customers to help!

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