5 new materials for the construction industry in the future


The development of new building materials could open the future of the global construction industry. Here are five interesting building materials that can be used for future construction.


Graphene is not a new material, in fact it has been used in construction. Theoretically, it is an excellent building material, as it is extremely lightweight while stiffer than steel and carbon fiber. It is possible, in the future, that it can be combined with traditional building materials to create stronger, more impressive structures.

However, graphene production is very difficult, so builders have little opportunity to use this material in projects. Up until now, the US National Oak Ridge National Laboratory has just developed a new way to produce graphene, using chemical vapor deposition.

Ivan Vlassiouk, Team Lead for this project, said the discovery significantly expands the potential and marketable applications for graphene. The next step of the project is to reduce production costs and expand the applicability of this material to wider use.

Carbon fiber balsa

Balsa wood is known as a very light material but very hard. However, it is difficult to produce it and therefore expensive. However, a team of researchers at Harvard University has created a composite material (two or more different materials) with unprecedented light weight that hardness can hardly replace. it.

The end result of a product is the ability to completely replace the balsa wood. Not only cheaper, it also eliminates the problems that common wood structures have with uneven particles and are difficult to use in precise structures.

Green concrete

Developing new building materials not only makes them more intense or lighter but also makes them more environmentally friendly. A team from the University of Teknologi MARA in Malaysia can create a building material that achieves this, with their invention of what they call "green concrete".

They use conventional aggregates for concrete mixed with appropriate tailings and recycled materials to create a material that is environmentally friendly but still has the same quality as conventional concrete. Some of the materials used include fly ash, recycled concrete aggregate and fiber aluminum.

Synthetic spider silk

Spider silk is one of the most impressive materials in the natural world, with extremely high strength. Researchers have long wanted to create a spider-like synthetic version, but the way to create a material of a similar nature remains a mystery to this day.

A team at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology used 3D print technology to create spider webs to learn more about their structure. They believe this is the next step towards an integrated version.

Wood is improved

Research from the University of Warwick and Cambridge has made a new discovery on the molecular structure of wood. This could open up new applications for building material manufacturers to create an improved version for wood. One of the most popular building materials in the world.

Professor Paul Dupree of the University of Cambridge, said that significant advances in understanding the molecular architecture of plant cell walls would affect the construction of renewable energy plants, construction.

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