4 secrets on certain plastic bottles you must know to ensure your health

Here are four hidden secrets in bottled water, let's see how many of them are.
Bottled water is no longer a foreign product to us all because it is a necessary drink for everyday life. However, those plastic bottles contain a lot of secrets that we do not know.
1. Do not recycle plastic bottles
A plastic bottle can contain a lot of dangerous chemicals. If you do not believe this, look down at the triangular label made up of three two-sided arrows and one number at the bottom of each plastic bottle. It tells us what the bottle is made of.
If label 1 means that the bottle is made of PET (or PETE) and it should only be used once. The reason is that when exposed to oxygen and high temperatures, especially the sun and hot water, the plastic will release toxic substances and go into the water quietly that we do not. know
Also, avoid water bottles labeled 3 and 7, corresponding to PVC and PC . These are plastics that produce a lot of toxic substances, which are absorbed into your food, beverages, and in the long run, they can cause serious harm to your health.
Label 2, label 4 and label 5 correspond to the three types of HPPE, LDPE and PP are considered green labels and can be reused. However, these resins are only good when you store cold water and disinfect them regularly.
2. Bacteria and extremely unhygienic
The scientists used a comparison that the used water bottles were unsanitary as toilet seats, pet toys or even worse.Many people say that is too talkative, however, science has proven that the amount of bacteria on such plastic bottles exceeds the allowable limit. We are made by ourselves, by dirty hands, by saliva in our mouths, by poor hygiene.
Studies show that the veins on the neck where direct contact with our mouths are the perfect place for fast-growing organisms.
So thoroughly disinfect the bottles before reusing them.
3. The origin of bottled water
Companies, manufacturers of bottled water often paint on the packaging that their water is taken from fresh streams and picturesque. However, it is acknowledged that many times you find that the water in the bottle is no different than the water in your home.
In fact, you will notice that the packaging of each bottle will usually have a text printed in a very small font size that most of us do not pay attention to. However, these are the "expressions" of manufacturers about the origin of the products they produce.
4. Not really good for health
Getting rid of the bacteria, bottled water is not really good for our health as we think.
Targeting young consumers and sports players, manufacturers often advertise their products as extremely healthy and healthy as they do not contain sugar as other drinks. However, in fact, the sugar content in some bottled water brands is equivalent to soda. So, do not let the commercials "cover the eyes", always read the ingredients before buying money offline.


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